Portugal School

Agrupamento de Escolas da Sé – Lamego is a cluster constituted by of seven school units: four small and isolated pre-school units, two primary school centres and another unit, a basic and a secondary school.The two School Centresoffer pre-school education and primary School. They are Centro Escolar de Lamego Sudeste and Centro Escolar de Lamego n.º 2.

Centro Escolar de Lamego Sudeste is located in a village called Ferreirim, a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Lamego, which lies on the southern edge of the municipality of Lamego and Centro Escolar de Lamego n.º 2is next to Escola Básica e Secundária da Sé in Lamego.
EscolaBásica e Secundária da Sé – Lamego, a public school, is the head school of the cluster and it is a general (5th grade to 9th grade) and a secondary school.
Throughout the time it has undergone some changes. Lamego Industrial and Commercial School was founded In 1966. Later, in 1986 it changed into a Secondary School (from the 7thgrade to the 12th), which offered technical-vocational courses of accountancy, mechanics and electricity.
At present, it offers different study areas – science, economy and humanities – for students who want to proceed with their studies at the university, and professional courses: Renewable Energy Technician (solar photovoltaic systems), Renewable Energy (solar thermal systems), and Sales Technician.
All students study English as a compulsory language and Spanish and French as a second language. German is also a possibility. Students are offered extracurricular activities such as drama, sports, Arts, and different clubs, namely the European Club, andprojects.
There is a Multiple Disability Unit, which has been working in the main building for 3 years where teachers with specialised education and skills work full time with those who have severe disabilities.
EscolaBásica e Secundária da Sé – Lamegois situated in the town, but a great part of the students come from rural areas and disfavoured social-economic communities. There are some migrant communities, Brazilian and Chinese above all.
Our organisation has been developing a considerable number of partnerships, protocols and projects, namely with the City Hall of Lamego and the Parish Councils, the Commission for Protection of Children and young people of Lamego, Parentsand Friends of the Mentally Handicapped of Vila Real – Sabrosa (CRI Douro), the Health Centre, the Teacher Training Centre from Lamego, Armamar, Resende e Tarouca ( CEFOP-LART), the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD ), the School of Technology and Management of Lamego, the Theatre of Ribeiro da Conceição, in addition to a wide range of business local entities within the training of the pupils from professional courses.
This school cluster is a values-based school which seeks to promote an educational philosophy based on valuing self and the others, through the consideration of an ethical values vocabulary (principles that guide behaviour), fostering positive relationships and quality in education.
Based on the principle that each one of us is different and that this diversity has to be valued, our Educational Project seeks to foster an inclusive education for every student.